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Stephan Kaske
Stephan Kaske

Mythos was organized in Berlin in 1969 multinstrumentalistom Stephen Kasko (Stephan Kaske), drummer Thomas Hilderbrand (Thomas Hildebrand) and bassist Harald Weisse (Harald Weiße). Since then, some of their albums have become classics of electronics and periodically reissued until now.

In 1971, after several hundreds of successful concerts at Mythos drew attention to a well-known label OHR and in 1972 released their first album. Composition collapsed in three years; should be collected not produced a single album. In 1975 a new group was assembled (there was one CASCO) began recording for the label Cosmic Couriers movie soundtracks. Three years later, the composition has changed again, the music gradually became more and more difficult and by 1980 Helmets decided to secede and start a solo career. In 1981 he founded the studio Mythos Studio Berlin, immediately became very popular - so much so that Stephen did not have enough time to deal with their own music. In 1989, when the number of bands and musicians, they produced which he was engaged, exceeded 1,000, helmets finally released a recording of his speech, and after that - the album. In the 90s he returned to his music and released several meditative / New Age Album, and the project MASS created a musical adaptation of classical works by Mozart, Handel, Beethoven and cover versions album Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis in order for the label Membran. Other than that, there is a techno-Casco project Momentum.

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