How to use the WAVPack format

24-11-2018, 09:14
How to use the WAVPack format

This music archive in ISO format can be unpacked and used for

- listening (play with foobar2000)
- write audio CDs (WinRAR to unpack all files from the ISO)
- storage in the home archive


Option 1.
To listen to the player foobar or any other that supports the format WavPack and tags APEv2,
just rename .ISO to .WV and open it in the player as a regular music file.
At the same time, a full list of tracks will appear in the player window.

Option 2.
The ISO can be mounted into a virtual CD drive created by programs like Daemon Tools,
Alcohol 120% MagicDISC and others. After that, you can listen to music from a virtual drive.
in the usual way - by downloading to the player .CUE or immediately .WV

By setting the CD writer to work directly with the WavPack format, you can burn an audio CD
Directly from a virtual CD, without first unpacking in .WAV

Option 3.
If you are not looking for easy ways and have extra space on the disks, you can unpack this ISO
using, for example, WinRAR. But you may need it if you need to see scans or logs if they are there.



WavPack codec and everything to work with it in different programs:

Foobar2000 is the most convenient player for playing CD images.
The current version has built-in support for WavPack:

The list of programs for working with ISO images:

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